Weekend Link Love: What Are You Reading?

I almost forgot how it feels like to hold a book in my hand, sit in a quiet corner with a cup of hot choco, and read to my heart’s desire. Now that I’m transitioning to being a full-time Work At Home Mom, I’m finally starting to get some book reading done.

Mommy Books

This is my current pile of books. What’s yours?

If you’re looking for good titles to read, here are some mommy book reviews I’ve seen around:

  • Finding the balance: Love and Discipline. Tiffany found the right blend in raising happy, God-fearing kids. And suggested two self-help books to read too.
  • Gabby, God’s Little Angel by Shiela Walsh. Beautifully written and illustrated bed-time story for your little one.
  • Little Big Books. I don’t know about this, really, and W&W didn’t really give much of a review. But from the photographs of the hard bound cover and the illustration, this looks like something kids and design-loving Moms would appreciate.
  • Anatomically Correct. Joy shares how to teach children about.. uhm, sex. And recommends 2 books that teach kids about purity.
  • Proverbs 31 Woman. Here’s how to be the wife and mother God calls you to be.
  • Help, Thanks, Wow. Miss Cathy S. Babao shares the book she’s reading this week, a book which talks about “spirituality and prayer in the most irreverent, heartwarming but always thought-provoking manner.” Sounds like a gold mine.

Happy book reading!

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