Dining out with Toddlers

Hello there newbie moms! It’s so great to be back and updating this blog again. For those of you who kept checking this blog and found nothing new, we are really sorry. You understand how crazy busy being a new mom could be and even crazier when that baby is growing to be an overly energized tot! These daily active playing with my boy is making me easily tired nowadays, as I’m also carrying baby no. 2, and since I’m also juggling homemaker duties and doing work-at-home tasks, updating this wonderful space have been placed on hold unintentionally.

We’re learning so many things in this mommy journey that we literally don’t know which one to put up first to share with you. I know we might be in different stages of our mommyhood but everyday we become a new mom all over again. And it is always nice to know that somehow, regardless of where we are, we can relate to one another’s feelings.

You probably are in a newborn stage, still learning how to discern your baby’s cries. You might be the mom with an eager infant slowly discovering his/her surroundings. Or you may be like me, enjoying my son’s toddler stage. No matter which phase you are in now mommy, know that we are one with you in learning how to raise these little humans well.

With that said, and since Ziki is a toddler now, let me share with you some things I am encountering as a newbie mom in this stage. Because my boy is more mobile and more excited to explore his environment, going out with him has become a challenge.

If you have a toddler, you know how taxing keeping an active child quietly settled in restaurants can be. So here are some of what worked for me and my son which might help you too.

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Have you heard?

So it’s been a month since the last update. We apologize. There has been so many changes the past month that has demanded much of our time—Mommy Riz became busier with her corporate job, as she also began writing for their company’s blog, Spiralytics; whilst I became a legit WAHM. Needless to say, the quietness around here.

However, we won’t let September pass without telling you something that gave us a wonderful surprise this month!

celebritymom-september-thismommylife-600x440We are Celebrity Mom’s September Blog of the Month! Wee! {Photo from chasingdreams.net}

Well, Riz has written about it so amazingly over here so head on there and read more about it.

We promise there’ll be more coming up soon for TML, watch out for it! :)


This Mommy Life supports Hakab Na 2013

Truth be told, my childhood dream was really to change the world and make it a better place. I am nowhere near what Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Jose Rizal or even Cory Aquino have achieved in terms of creating change in their respective societies. But I did something that may create a spark of transformation in my country…and that is to be an advocate of breastfeeding.

Never underestimate the power of breast milk. Hundreds of proven studies have shown how a mother’s milk is so important for children and how beneficial it is for us, mothers. I even wrote some of those benefits on this post. Sadly, many parents are lured by aggressive milk companies, making them biased to feeding formula milk to their babies. I’d like to stress though that formula milk is not bad, but I would just like to encourage mothers to give breastfeeding a chance before they totally ditch it altogether.

So I went to Hakab Na 2013 to show my support for breastfeeding. I joined the Breastfeeding Pinays who trooped to Aristocrat Restaurant, Roxas Boulevard to gather for the first breastfeeding mob in Manila. It was amazing because even with the heavy downpour, the mothers—with their support groups of husbands, Lolos and Lolas, kids and friends—braved it just to be there.

hakab na coverBreastfeeding Pinays at the Hakab Na 2013. {Photo credit: Keysi Nunez through Breastfeeding Pinays Group}

ziki and meHere’s Ziki and me getting ready for the breastfeeding mob.

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Hey mom, remember this…


Because I also need to remind myself this most of the time. :)

Matti’s ‘Sky is the Limit’ Dedication & Birthday Party

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. When I first saw this dedication party last year (I was still pregnant then), it got me soooo excited to plan for my own baby’s parties. I’ve had this page on bookmark since. And now that pinning children’s party ideas is a daily stress release for me especially now that I’ve started doing a little party buffet styling of my own, I just had to unearth these photos from Matti’s birthday.

Kites and Clouds and Matti's Dedication

What a beautiful family. :)
And that kite backdrop by Handmade Goodness is just way too awesome.

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A TML Mother’s Day Post

While the entire nation is still reeling from yesterday’s elections and awaiting the official results, TML will not let another day pass without a Mother’s Day post. Albeit the delay in greeting, still, sending our love and honor to all mothers out there is never late—actually, it should be a daily habit. For they truly deserve it.

Many words have already been quoted about the nobleness of motherhood. And we, ourselves, have experience how selfless this calling is. Looking back, we really didn’t have any idea how beautiful this experience would be. And we are grateful it came to us in our lifetime.

TML1We were young and carefree, minding only ourselves…

TML2Then we met wonderful, godly men and married them. Overflowing love and a few months later, we were on family way.

TML3After giving birth to our beautiful babies, the happiness on our faces multiplied a hundred times—even the eyebags won’t be able to contest that.

TML4Yes, motherhood has taught us many lessons in such a short period of time. We are honored to be given this wonderful privilege.

TML5But we won’t even know how to be good mothers had it not been for our own mothers who nurtured and loved us with everything they have. We praise the Lord for you Mommy/Mama!

Indeed being a mother is a tough role to fill, but we thank the Lord for through his grace and wisdom we are able to step up to it everyday. I believe, you really won’t know the maximum capacity of a woman until she becomes a mother. Oh the extent they will go to for their children!

So to all the mothers—be it biological, foster or spiritual—we honor you not only on Mother’s day, but every single day!


Doing Baby Signs

Crying, as Riz pointed out here, is a normal expression babies do. But there are moments when the crying is beyond the hunger-wet nappy-sleepy route and when it happens you feel helpless trying to understand what your baby is communicating to you. If only they can talk already and say out loud what they need…

But then again, they actually can!

When I learned about Baby Sign Language, I immediately tried it on Ziki and he was around 4 months old at the time. I started him on the usual baby signs that are regular in his schedule like eat, milk, more, book, daddy and mommy. And how long did it take before he picked up? It was when he can somehow control his hand-eye coordination which was around 7 months old. However, we didn’t really master the baby signs, except for “eat” and “more,”  because mommy was not consistent (bad mommy!) and Ziki was already able to point to what he needs before he began saying his first word.

Still, I was ecstatic when I saw Ziki do it the first time. We were eating breakfast and his bowl was almost empty when I asked him if he wanted more and he signed for “more.” I was so thrilled that I asked him to do it again and he did it twice. Unfortunately, when I took out the camera to video him, he was too lazy to do it again. Though we don’t regularly use hand signs, it helps me understand Ziki better when  he does it. I can easily tell what he needs without him crying too much.

You may want to try it on your baby too. You just have to be patient in teaching him and even more patient in waiting for your baby to do it. But it is so rewarding and it can actually help lessen your frustration in understanding your little one.

Here’s an easier Baby Signs reference I found here. But you can head onto this site to see how the hand signs are done. :)


Gone are the days when mommies have to wait for their babies to speak to communicate with them. Thank God for baby sign language!

{TML Tip} Planning your baby’s first birthday

Hello there TML readers! You may have been wondering where this mommy have been? Well, if you must know, I have been quite busy preparing for my son’s first birthday, aside from taking care of him and my husband and keeping the house in order. But I won’t be talking about the housewife stuff in this post. It’s all about birthday planning!


Our happy little man on his first birthday! :)

If you’re like me, you might have been pinning tons of party ideas in your Pinterest boards and saving birthday pegs months before your baby’s birthday. While it is fun and exciting, you may find that pulling off these ideas can be pretty arduous. And for a hands-on or working mom, that can be quite stressful. But you can have it two ways; either you shell out tons of money and hire someone to get everything done for you or you can put a time table to it and plan the party out closely without spending so much.

Well, given that you landed on this page with this topic, simply means you are the latter mom. So let me give you some practical tips—which I have realized and applied as well—that can help you throw a pleasant and memorable first birthday for your baby.

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Hero’s Kate Spade Inspired 1st Birthday Party

We’re addicted to DIY birthday party pegs! Normi is doing a series on how she DIY-ed her son’s birthday party over at her blog, and Kesler’s birthday party from last week was a sure hit too.

Why, here’s another one which caught my attention: Hero’s first birthday party, DIY-ed by her mom, Fozzy. Yup, THE Fozzy. (I’m an avid fan of her calligraphy!)

Hero's Kate Spade Inspired DIY 1st Birthday Party

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Cyber Window Shopping at Ava’s Baby Boutique

I think I may have outgrown buying clothes and bags and shoes for myself. Instead, my need for retail therapy has shifted to baby stuff. That’s why it makes me really happy seeing that Ava.ph finally launched their very own Baby Boutique. I’ve been an avid follower of Ava and its flash sales since the beginning of time. I love that their products are not like anything you’d see in department stores, but when they do have popular brands in their inventory, you can get branded items at super discounted prices during flash sales. Win!

And so, today’s (cyber) retail therapy happens to be Ava.ph’s Baby Boutique! Check out these yummy looking stuff I have in my wishlist:

Ava's Baby Boutique

And it gets even sweeter. Ava has a simple rewards program that regular online shoppers will surely love. By inviting your friends to shop, you earn shopping credits which you can use to buy anything in the Ava inventory.

You see anything you like? Feel free to shop now at Ava.ph using my referral link. ;) CLICK HERE!

How about you? When was the last time you had a shopping spree for your little one?